The Long-Awaited Update

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So, it’s been over a month since I last posted on this blog. This is because the blog was intended to document my post-graduation endeavors and I was feeling endlessly disappointed. MDF and I hadn’t heard from the Peace Corps in quite some time. We submitted our applications the beginning of April. Needless to say we were feeling as though a rejection letter was immanent. Before completely admitting defeat I reached out to a recruiter we’d met on the campus of our university. He informed me that the Peace Corps has been having technical problems with their applications. Today, we just received emails from who we presume to be our recruiter, asking for more information… We’re still in the running! The first task is to submit official college transcripts. Honestly, I’m just so relieved and excited to be continuing with the process, even though we’ve already been set back almost two months.


Indoor Veggie Grow-Op!

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Indoor Veggie Grow-Op!

I’ve been working on growing some vegetable indoors. Although the weather would permit an outdoor garden, I don’t have the space and live in a strange neighborhood… So I’m making do! I’ve always loved growing vegetables. I used to be able to grow them in my parent’s garden, but alas, the days of parent-mooching are over. I bought one of those full spectrum grow lights and made some compost. It’s pretty amazing what you can learn to do on the internet these days. Updates to come as they grow!

Application Freak Out!

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So it’s only really been four days since I submitted my application, but the anxiety is setting in! I was initially in the “submit and forget” frame of mind until SO got an email asking him to “encourage your spouse to submit the application as soon as possible.” This is because they cannot process our applications separately. Excuse me? Did they not get my application? So after some phone calls, talking to automated recordings, and a few emails later I found out that my Medical History Form is still pending, which is why my application hasn’t been submitted. Apparently my HHF has to be reviewed by a nurse, while SO is healthy as a damn ox so his went right on through. This makes me nervous. I’ve had a number of health problems, all of which have cleared up in the last few years thankfully, except for one: fibromyalgia. Some people with fibromyalgia can have it so bad that they are actually on disability. I consider myself to be a very high-functioning fibromite; I’ve stopped taking any pills for it and simply changed parts of my lifestyle to accommodate. I exercise at least three times a week. I don’t see this getting in the way of my ability to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer. But I need the chance to tell them all of these things before some nurse deems me unfit!

I’ve found myself having a lot of trouble focusing. The prospect of leaving for two years is so exciting that all I want to do is research and plan. The problem is I don’t even know if we’re going to get in. I also need to finish school and find a job! Thinking about leaving is so exciting that it’s easy to forget it’s a long way away if we’re even accepted. So here I am dreaming about a life so far away. Maybe once we get an interview and a nomination I’ll be able to stop thinking about it so much.

Animal Testing Awareness

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Animal Testing Awareness

This is for a primatology assignment intended to promote awareness concerning primate conservation via social media

The First Post

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So this is my first post. Not really a momentous occasion considering the volume of bloggers on the internet- nevertheless, it’s pretty cool. My reason for starting a blog is that I’ve decided to apply to the Peace Corps. In fact, I submitted my application yesterday (April 6, 2013). I’ve read that this is a long and arduous process and I should expect to buckle up and enjoy the application ride.

Let’s back up. I’m graduating from college in a month’s time and I’ve started to get the “real world jitters.” After four years of school I’m really only qualified to travel and study other people, both of which cost money rather than make it. So what’s the plan? Initially my intention was to apply to graduate school, spend two more years in school, and spend a whole lot of money. This, however, does not seem to be a rational next step, especially when I’m fairly broke and I’m not even certain what I want to continue studying. I’d imagine a lot of people go through this same self-examination, especially as graduation grows near. So, in light of all of this, I’ve decided on the Peace Corps! Ultimately, I want to go into international development in some form, so the Peace Corps is really a good next step. I’m applying to serve with my significant other (SO).

I’m going to continue to post regarding the application. It’s apparently less common for couples to be accepted, but SO and I remain hopeful. Let’s hope the posts don’t stop after this one, which would likely mean we’ve been rejected… Wish us luck!